Meet Melissa

Before I was a graphic designer, I studied art at the American Academy of Art in Chicago at a time when artists used sketchbooks, not computers, to compose and organize their ideas.


Melissa Noto ~ Graphic Designer

Now, even as I design with software, visions for new projects still take shape in my “sketchbook mind”!  As soon as a client starts describing what they want to see, colors leap to my imagination and images begin to form.  I consider it the wonderful by product of having experienced the art of design before and after the rise of computers!

In my early years  I enjoyed experiences in a variety of creative houses, from the small agency like Paula Fortney & Assoc. to the larger in-house design team at BHI Design. I also dabbled in photography, interior design, painting and discovered how brand identity can permeate the essence of a corporation, even into the interior design of the office space. I also developed a specialty niche in packaging design during my stint with DesignPac, Inc.

In 2001, I collaborated on one of my best works of art ever…my first born son. I made the decision to leave the corporate world and offer freelance graphic design services under the name MNDesign. Through the birth of my second son in 2004 until 2009, I serviced  my clients into the wee hours of the night, hitting the deadlines, giving life to their visions, and producing quality graphics while I sidestepped the harrowing obstacles of motherhood!

Today, Melissa Noto Design Studio, Inc. is a thriving source of full-service graphic design for businesses and agency partners looking for a digital and print graphic specialist at a fair price. Call me today to experience the way I transform our collaborative vision into a VISION TO BEHOLD.



The CJ Foundation for Children in Need started working with Melissa Noto over 2 years ago and have continued to use her for all graphic design needs since. She has always delivered nothing short of incredible and creative designs, outstanding customer service and offers very reasonable rates. We would highly recommend her for any design needs, big or small! ~ Stacey – CJ Foundation, Boynton Beach, FL