My Process

Good design makes things happen. It can help make or break a sale even before the recipient arrives at a buying decision. Bad design can instantly paralyze the success of a message and discredit the value of the offer.


At Melissa Noto Design Studio, we are experts at producing good design with our proven five-step process:


This is the first and perhaps, most important step. Here the spotlight is on you.  What you need, what you want and by when.  We offer value with our experience and resources to make the project more cost-efficient and on-target for you at each opportunity.


Now the  “sketchbook mind” comes to life, imagining the design that will ultimately become the “VISION TO BEHOLD!”


It’s our time to take all the ideas, visions and inspirations and transform them into a concrete, beautiful design based on your needs.


We’re delighted to present the fruits of our collaboration to you, with all respect to your comments, changes, etc.


We offer years of experience  in print production and design techniques and can manage your entire project from conception through delivery of the printed pieces. We work with many trusted and affordable, local and on-line printing partners to procure high-quality printing at competitive prices.

Voila!  Another happy customer is born!

Are you ready to put our five-step process to work for you?  Contact Melissa today at 630.204.1974.



“Melissa is such a pleasure to work with! She has such creative ideas, and I’ve never been disappointed in her designs! I love it when I can give her copy and some photos, and she just works her magic. Melissa is incredibly talented, and her rates have always been very reasonable. She has made my life so much easier!”
~ Kari – Batavia Park District, Batavia, IL